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Simon Shegelman

Simon Shegelman Art
Simon Shegelman Art
Simon Shegelman Art

Simon Shegelman is a world renowned artist, currently residing in Toronto, ON after living with his wife Julia in Old East Village, London ON for five years.  Simon and Julia have lived and shown Simon’s work across Canada and the globe. While living in OEV, Simon was commissioned by the Old East Village Business Improvement Area to artistically capture the three economic drivers of the commercial corridor: One of a Kind Shopping, Arts and Culture and Food and Drink.  Simon created these three original works of art to celebrate the best of Old East Village Business District. 


“Almost within one block there is theatre, there is the concert hall, studio space for artists, Old East Village is a very romantic part of our city, I hope that I can play a part in improving it.”

- Simon Shegelman


If interested in additional inquiry in regard to Simon's artwork, feel free to contact us here. Keep your eyes open for his amazing work, Simon’s pieces can be seen around the Village in the most unexpected places!  Enjoy!

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