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Here you'll find everything you need to know about construction communications pertaining to upcoming construction projects in Old East Village.


The BIA and the City of London have agreed that this page will act as the singular resource for all business support and construction-related information. We will ensure this page is up to date and easily accessible so check back often! 

Construction Information

East London Link - Infrastructure Renewal and Transit

The East London Link will revitalize more than 6 km of road from Downtown to Fanshawe College. The project will add rapid transit and transportation improvements including transit links to the City's eastern industrial employment areas. At the same time, the City will repair and replace again sewers and watermains.

The City of London has begun constructing Phase 2 of the East London Link as of March 2023 with finishing works and road reconstruction in Fall/ Winter 2023.

East London Link Phase 2:

East London Link Map.jpeg

The Phase 2 construction project limits for 2023 construction will begin at King and Lyle Streets, and continue to Ontario, up Ontario to Dundas Street, and from Dundas Street and Ontario Street to Dundas and Egerton Streets. 

Western Fair Market Parking Lot Access

Access will be maintained to the Western Fair Market parking lot via York St and Florence Street.

City of London Pre-Construction Webinar- East London Link - Phase 2

Check out the Pre-Construction Webinar for the East London Link - Phase 2 held on March 1, 2023. The webinar includes pertinent contacts and info regarding the Rapid Transit - East London Link project. 

Car Detour Map:

unnamed (5).jpg

Access Update:

The Rectory and King Street intersection will be fully closed starting April 17; Hewitt and Glebe Streets will be the new north/south access route between York Street and Dundas Street 

Glebe street has been temporarily converted to support two-way traffic. There will be no on-street parking during this time along Glebe street.

LTC Transit Detour Map:

CofL_ELL-P2-LTC_Detour-V2-noRect (1).jpg

City of London

The City of London keeps a page up-to-date with information on the scope of the construction project. Check it out below:

Construction Contact Card

The Contact Card has the information for reporting concerns on the construction site. Download the PDF below:

Other Construction Projects & Info

Adelaide CP Grade Separation (Adelaide Underpass)

Elizabeth St and Lyle St Infrastructure Renewal (Upcoming May 2023)

Quebec St. Infrastructure Renewal Project 

UPDATE: Work begins Monday, April 17 on the Quebec Street Infrastructure Renewal Project

unnamed (1).jpg

Map of 2023 construction projects in and near OEV

1: East London Link Phase 2
2: Elizabeth Street and Lyle Street Infrastructure Improvements
3: Adelaide Underpass
4: Quebec Street Infrastructure Improvements

Core Area Parking Promo

CoreArea-parking graphic.jpg

Park for 2 hours FREE in Old East Village!


Enter the promo code 'CORE' on the HONK mobile app or call City Parking Services at 519-661-4537, providing your licence plate number and the zone ID for the location in which you would like to park. Available at Old East Village Municipal lots and street meters.

Construction Dollars

Construction Dollars

The 2023 Core Area Construction Dollars program has returned! Collect and spend construction dollars at local businesses in OEV.


Construction Dollars are distributed through contests and promotions on social media and through local businesses.

What are Construction Dollars?

Londoners can receive Construction Dollars from the Downtown London and Old East Village BIAs, as well as their businesses through giveaways, contests, and promotions. Construction Dollars are a currency in denominations of $5-, $10- and $20-dollar amounts and can be spent at participating businesses.


Additional Resources

City of London Insurance Claim Information

If you have incurred damage to your property, had an injury and/or you believe the City may be responsible, please follow the process below to send your claim to the City for consideration. We recommend that you inform the City as soon as possible.

Want more updates? There are three ways to get the latest details from the BIA and the City of London about upcoming construction: 

logo-city-london (1).png

Contact Information

Old East Village BIA Contact:

OEV BIA Logo Transparency.png

Please reach out to us with any questions or feedback:


          519 645 7662

If you would like to sign up for more construction information via email, please sign up below. The Old East Village BIA requires the information below in order to send relevant information via email. This information will not be used for any other purpose other than adding you to the appropriate mailing list. 


If you do not feel comfortable providing this information, but would still like to subscribe please call the office at: (519) 645-7662.

If signing up for Construction Updates specifically, please email us at to be added on the correct list as per your address.

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