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Old East Village

Business, Property & Development Support

The Old East Village BIA is pleased to assist the large variety of businesses that is the Old East Village commercial corridor by providing a variety of supports, services and programs. We work with small and large scale developments as well as a variety of business models ranging from sole proprietorships, corporations to worker owned co-operatives.  All current and potential business and property owners are encouraged to to contact the office to further discuss BIA assistance.

Business Owner Support

  • Assistance with navigation of many municipal departments including Planning, Business Liaison, By-Law Enforcement and London Police Services to resolve any issues that have arisen.

  • Providing a number of supports such as assistance with customer surveying and mapping, listing of businesses in print and on-line directories and promotion of events and media releases for businesses within the BIA area.

  • Facilitating connections between potential commercial tenants looking for space with property owners who have potential space available.

Property Owner Support

  • Make area property owners aware of the City of London Incentive Programs.

  • Meeting with prospective Incentive Program applicants and fully explaining the terms of the Incentive programs.

  • Facilitating meetings with Planning Department staff, and filling out and submitting the necessary paper work on behalf of the incentive applicants.

  • Acquiring translations services and other supports including by-law and building code specialists.

  • Liaising with the London Police to provide suggestions for CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design), and the City’s Business Liaison office to problem solve any issues that arise.

  • Connecting business owners looking for space with property owners who have potential space available.


  • Assist with the facilitation of large scale infill and redevelopment projects which are beneficial to the community.

  • Initiation and execution of community meetings meant to ensure the developments are designed to reflect both projects needs and community input.

  • Assistance for developers when working with City Hall Departments, Committees and Council to help facilitate community supported developments.

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