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The Old East Village BIA has created this page as a central resource for business owners. Business owners/ operators can access important information here, including Community Informed Response contacts, garbage pickup schedules, our graffiti removal program, and available grants for OEV businesses.

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City of London Resources

Core Area Newsletter

The City of London has launched a Our Core Area Website and Newsletter. Through Our Core Area, the City will share initiatives and engagement opportunities along with ongoing updates related to mobility, homelessness prevention, heritage, arts and culture and more important info about our Core.

Spotlight Program

As part of the Core Area Action Plan, one of the initiatives the City of London has been working on is the Spotlight Program. Through the Spotlight program, Core Area businesses with storefront security cameras can register their cameras with the City of London. The business then receives a Spotlight sticker to place in their storefront window informing people of the cameras.


The intent of this program is to raise awareness of security cameras to potentially deter criminal activity and assist with safety and security.


Sharps Disposal Kits Available 

Old East Village businesses can request a sharps disposal kit from the City to help them safely dispose of sharps on their private property. For more information, see below.

Compiled list of City of London Core Area Supports:

Coordinated Informed Response (CIR) Contacts

The Coordinated Informed Response (CIR) team is a caring and compassionate response team that aims to support individuals who are street-involved and living unsheltered find safe alternative solutions on housing.

Someone in distress causing harm to themselves, other(s), or property, call Police at 911


Someone in medical distress or unresponsive, call EMS at 911


Someone experiencing unsheltered homelessness who wants assistance, call London Cares at 519-667-2273 (CARE), available 24/7


Unsheltered Homelessness / Urban Camping Do not attempt to remove the camp. Report the location and details to or call 519-661-4570.

If you come across needles found on City Property, call 519-661-2489 ext. 4965. The phone line is answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. For more information on the safe handling and disposal of needles and other substance use equipment, go to

COVID-19 Information

Old East Village BIA Vaccination Policy

The Old East Village BIA, as a Board of the Municipality, will follow all regulations outlined by the Province of Ontario, the City of London and the Middlesex-London Health Unit, and will continue to adapt as these regulations change over time.  It is strongly advised that all BIA members fully understand and initiate all currently required expectations in order to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all those who work, eat, shop and play in Old East Village.  The Old East Village BIA will continue to provide the most up to date COVID-19 information and actively support businesses who comply with all regionally mandated regulations.

View the most recent Ontario COVID-19 public health measures and advice below:

Additional COVID-19 Supports

In order to monitor the changing requirements for health and safety due to COVID-19, the below list was put together so businesses may have everything in one place. Here you will find important links as well as financial and promotional supports available from all levels of government.

Area Cleanliness

Garbage Collection

Follow the links below for more information on scheduled garbage collection in Old East Village.

Sidewalk Maintenance

The City of London operates a sidewalks power washing route 4-5 times per season. See the scheduled route below:


You can report a damaged sidewalk through the Service London portal below:

Graffiti Removal Program

The BIA offers ongoing graffiti removal support. If you have graffiti on your property, include the following in your request:

  • Photo of the graffiti

  • Location description

  • Description of surface (brick, wood, etc.)

  • Description of the substance (spray paint, sharpie, etc.)

Clean Slate Program

The Clean Slate Program offers skill training opportunities for youth who had lived experience while keeping London's core area free of litter. To request this service or for more information, contact the BIA.

Construction Resources

If your business is affected by construction, we have a page dedicated to support and resources that you can access. To help mitigate the challenges caused by construction, the BIA is distributing Construction Dollars, a new program by the City of London, to those affected businesses. For updates on construction in Old East Village, subscribe to the BIA newsletter. 

Available Grants

 Digital Main Street - Digital Transformation Program

The Digital Transformation Grant (DTG) program by Digital Main Street is designed to assist small businesses with adoption of technologies. The program will provide training, advisory support and grants to brick-and-mortar small businesses looking to increase their capacity through digital transformation.

Applications will be accepted until September 30th, 2023.

Available Municipal Government Grants - City of London 

Please see below for a list of potential sources of funding including the Core Area business loans and grants.

#DIGOEV Digital Marketing Fund

Eligible Old East Village businesses can apply for micro-grants to help with costs for promotions done on social media. 

Area Cleanliness
CIR Contacts
Construction Resource
COVID-19 Support
Available Grants
City of London Resource
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