Mentee Sylvie Verwaayen (L) and Mentor Tova Hasiwar (R) working on their mural located at 623 Dundas St.

OEV Main Street Mural Program

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The OEV BIA has launched the OEV Main Street Mural Program that has the aim of building community and beautifying the neighbourhood. This program pairs 5 artists for a total of 5 murals. Through this program, we aim to facilitate new artist partnerships and mentorship opportunities. The mural installations will be included in the community events series, Only in OEV Fridays, happening every second Friday this summer in Old East Village. 

There is a $10,000 payment provided per mural for the mentor and mentee and $2000 for the cost of paint and supplies. There is an expectation that the payment will be divided evenly by the artists ($5,000 each) unless otherwise determined by the collaborative committee.

Each artist partnership will interpret and design images that are articulated by the property owner of the building of which the art will be installed and the BIA. Artists will meet with the BIA and property owners to determine the theme and the final design. 

Make sure to check out the first few complete murals on Dundas St. and attend Only in OEV Fridays to check out the live mural painting!

We’re thrilled that the OEV Main Street Mural Program was one of the many successful projects from the second year of Community Activator program. Thank you Fed Dev and the Canadian Urban Institute for their support.


In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, The Federal Economic Development Agency for Southern Ontario announced a $23.25 million investment to establish My Main Street — a two-year program to support the recovery and revitalization of main streets and local businesses in southern Ontario.


Mentee Reilly Knowles working on the mural at 680 Dundas St.


Mentee Rain Bloodworth and Mentor Amsa Yaro working on their mural located

at 632 Dundas St.