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OEV Mural Project

In May of 2020, the Old East Village BIA launched the Façade Beautification Program. Supported by a City of London grant, the BIA commissioned artwork from local artists to appear on businesses that were boarded up before and during the COVID-19 temporary closures.

The artists chosen for the Mural Project all have a personal connection to the neighbourhood: they live here, work here, and shop here. With the grant from the city, the BIA was able to pay these artists for their time, their supplies and all their hard work adding a splash of colour to Dundas Street.

These murals show scenes of positivity and resiliency that perfectly illustrate the community pride that these fantastic artists feel for the Old East Village and the character of the neighbourhood itself.


The project was so well received that the BIA was able to secure the funding for a second phase of artists in June of 2021. With the businesses of Old East Village starting to reopen, these murals painted a picture for residents and visitors alike of a vibrant community ready to welcome you back.




Phase Two Murals

Phase One Completed Murals


640 Dundas
Pamela Scharback

655 Dundas
Robin Henry

687 Dundas
Alayna Hryclik 


Mural Program Video

Dawn Redskye - 613 Dundas.jpg

613 Dundas
Dawn Redskye

616 Dundas
Robin Henry

Robin Henry - complete - 616 Dundas.jpeg
Sarah Feehan - The Root Cellar.jpg

623 Dundas
Sarah Feehan

655 Dundas
Jess Woodward

Jess Woodward - 655 Dundas.jpeg
Erin Fernandez and Dana Carnegie - ED Hair & Tattoo.jpeg

670 Dundas
Erin Fernandez
Dana Carnegie

710 Dundas
Heather May
Janice Johnston

Heather May and Janice Johnston - Palace Theatre.JPG

710 Dundas
Charlene McNabb
Janice Johnston

700 Dundas
Lefty Smudges
(Allyson Proulx)

Allyson Prouxl - 700 Dundas.jpg
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