London Clay Art Centre Canada 150 Mosaic, Artist Coordinators_ Susan Day, and Beth Turnbul

Mosaics in OEV

If you look closely, some of Old East Village’s most iconic artworks are actually mosaics made up of thousands of brightly coloured ceramic pieces. The following ceramic mosaics can be seen in OEV: The Canada 150 Mosaic on the side of London Clay Art Centre, Wayfinding Mosaics at Marshall Street and Elizabeth Street and Gateway Mosaics on several concrete barriers around the neighbourhood. Known as legacy pieces, these large-scale, longstanding works of art will represent Old East Village for years to come. There are more mosaics planned for the neighbourhood in 2022-2023, so keep an eye out for more stunning pieces throughout Old East Village.

Read London Clay Art Centre Executive Director, Darlene Pratt’s, piece on the Canada 150 Mural,

“A Cultural Mosaic,” published in Ceramics Monthly.

The Canada 150 Mosaic was developed in celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday. Local artists and London Potters Guild (LPG) members Susan Day and Beth Turnbull Morrish were hired in early 2017 to hone the design, coordinate and run tile-making workshops with community organizations, and install the mosaic on LCAC’s cinder block wall before winter came.


In an eight-month period, Day and Turnbull Morrish finalized the design, made, glazed and fired thousands of clay tiles. They benefited from the help of over 80 LPG members and hundreds and volunteers at community events. The artist coordinators and many volunteers finally installed an estimated 18,000 pieces of tile on the east exterior wall of London Clay Art Centre at 664 Dundas Street. After the Canada 150 mosaic, the Gateway Project developed simultaneously with the Wayfinding Project in 2017-2018 when the City of London was planning to renovate the large parking lot behind the London Clay Art Centre and the Palace Theatre.

(Project write-ups from the London Clay Art Centre website)


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London Clay Art Centre Canada 150 Mosaic, Artist Coordinators_ Susan Day, and Beth Turnbul
Marshall Street Wayfinding Mosaic, London Clay Art Centre, Susan Day, and Beth Turnbull-Mo