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OEV Culture Cruise

Wander the streets of Old East Village to find murals by local artists, historic sites and buildings, an ever-growing collection of clay tile mosaics, and so much more! Lose yourself in the creativity, innovation, and heritage that define OEV.

Thanks to the London Arts Council, the City of London, and Stefan Sago for creating this video showcase of public art in OEV.

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Historic Buildings

Culture Cruise Temporary Map (1).png
Culture Cruise Temporary Map.png

Mosaic Sidewalk Tiles

The latest addition to Old East Village's array of public art is a series of ten mosaic sidewalk tiles located along Dundas Street between Adelaide and Rectory. They were installed in June of 2023 by the Clayworx Community Mosaic Projects team under the guidance of Mosaic Art Director, Beth Turnbull Morrish. The tiles were created by the following community groups and organizations.

  1. The Root Cellar (623 Dundas) created by Banting House

  2. Chapman's Pharmacy (650 Dundas) created by London InterCommunity Health Centre

  3. Clayworx (664 Dundas) created by Clayworx

  4. Thai Taste (671 Dundas) created by the City of London

  5. Unique Food Attitudes (697 Dundas) created by the OEV BIA

  6. Palace Theatre (710) created by Palace Theatre

  7. The Unity Project (717 Dundas) created by LIFE*SPIN

  8. Dundas and English intersection created by OEV contributors

  9. Regency Florists (773 Dundas) created by the Western Fair Group

  10. Aeolian Hall (795 Dundas) created by Aeolian Hall

This project was featured by CBC News: read the article and watch the video to learn about the creation process and the people behind the work.

Culture Cruise Temporary Map (1).png
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