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Explore OEV, London's "Libation District"

The Old East Village has become a real hot spot for local brews... of all sorts. From craft beer, to kombucha, to coffee, OEV has you covered. See below for a list of suggestions and some definite must-visit locations in, what we’re calling, London’s “Libation District.”

Dundas & Sons Brewery - 400 Adelaide Street

Located just south of Dundas on Adelaide Street, this craft micro-brewery serves up locally sourced, organic brews with a variety that is sure to please everyone!

Juicy Tings - 613 Dundas Street

Just inside the Bakers Dozen, you'll find freshly pressed juice, smoothies, espresso, and delicious baked goods.

Wisdom Cafe - 610 Dundas Street

With 145 loose leaf teas to choose from, along with teapots, tea accessories, and delicious little items called Japanese crepes, Wisdom is one place you do not want to miss.

Fire Roasted Coffee - 630 Dundas Street / 900 King Street

This is one of Canada's largest selections of whole bean, fair trade coffee. Consistently roasting more than 35 types, and with three locations in OEV, Fire Roasted will help you find your perfect cup of coffee.

Union Ten Distillery - 656 Dundas Street

London's only small batch distiller of gin, vodka, and applejack whiskey. Pop in for a specialty cocktail, grab something to eat and enjoy the laid-back, industrial chic surroundings!

Anderson Craft Ales - 1030 Elias Street

Anderson was one of the first craft breweries to open up in London and they haven't stopped making quality brews ever since. With staples like Creme Ale and IPA plus seasonal favourites and specialties, there's something for everyone at Anderson's.

London Brewing - 521 Burbrook Place

Another brewing veteran here in town, London Brewing has a long history that's deeply rooted in the OEV community. Stop in for some staple brews like Workhorse IPA or London Natural Lager and stay for the great atmosphere and even better company!

Powerhouse Brewing Company - 100 Kellogg Lane

As one of the newest kids on the brewing block, Powerhouse has cemented itself among London's best breweries. With a wide variety and one of the nicest patios in town, a visit to Powerhouse is just what you need.

Booch Organic Kombucha - 1010 Dundas Street

This fine establishment offers the best in organic, fermented beverages, in a variety of flavours in both take home, and by the glass varieties. Do yourself (and your taste buds) a favour and stop in at Booch!

Asmara Caffee - 809 Dundas Street

Asmara Caffee provides you with the best in African, fair trade coffee. Along with delicious menu items like breakfast sandwiches, samosas, and a fava bean delight, you cannot go wrong with a trip to Asmara!

So... now would you agree? OEV is indeed London's Libation District offering the best of the best with variety unmatched anywhere else! Get out there and explore, you'll be happy you did!

Feature photo via Facebook / @FireRoastedCoffee

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