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Keep your New Years resolutions, right here in OEV

It's the New Year, and what's more, it's a brand new decade! It's a time for looking back and reflecting while making plans for the year ahead with renewed optimism and utmost clarity. Right? Sometimes.

Those lofty resolutions can be hard to keep so why not keep it simple? Little changes and additions to everyday life can be the exact thing needed to make 2020 the best year yet. See below for some ideas on how you can make positive change and have tons of fun while supporting local this year in Old East Village.

Get (and stay) active!

By far in a way one of the hardest resolutions to keep: "this year is the year to get more active." To avoid that mid-February burnout, try something brand new to beat those resolution blues.

In Your Space Yoga - 660 Dundas Street

Try a little hot yoga in the heart of OEV this year, your body will thank you!

The London Curling Club - 377 Lyle Street

From social (no rink time) to intermediate memberships, try something new or rekindle an old passion for this sport at the London Curling Club.

The Submission Academy - 1010 Dundas Street

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, or all women's kickboxing classes... yes, this is the year!

Junction Climbing Centre - 1030 Elias Street

Enjoy the thrill of an extreme sport in a safe and positive environment at Junction Climbing Centre.

Eat local, eat fresh...

There are so many options in OEV to help you keep your resolutions surrounding food. From fresh produce, to baked goods, to meats, and more, there's no shortage of fresh, and definitely no shortage of local in this neighbourhood.

Artisan Bakery - 864 Dundas Street

Find some of the best traditionally made breads, buns, pies, and sweets in town!

The Hungary Butcher - 892 Dundas Street

Gourmet, handmade sausages, authentic Hungarian takeout and pastries, made with love.

A full service grocery store plus food court style, local establishments in the back section for all your tasting pleasures.

On the Move Organics - They come to you!

A London-based grocery delivery company providing access to (mainly) local, organic products delivered to your door. Yum.

Spruce up your space.

Perhaps that home office needs a do over or you've yet to find that perfect vintage piece to complete your living room. Whatever it may be, a fresh take on the place you hang your hat is good for the heart and soul.

Old East Exchange - 667 Dundas Street

A huge collection of second hand furniture and household items at prices that can't be beat!

Freeborn + Company - 762 Dundas

If you're looking for an overhaul, particularly in the kitchen department, look no further than this full service, design boutique.

Funky Find - 636 Dundas Street

In the market for some unique vintage furniture and decor? With mid-century, modern, and one -of-kind handmade goods, there's no place quite like Funky Find.

Get some more culture in your life!

We could all use a good dose of culture regularly and what better time than New Years is there to commit to this? Whether it's art, music, theatre, history, or whatever else you come across, choosing to enrich your mind will always be a great decision.

London Clay Art Centre - 665 Dundas Street

Owned and operated by the London Potter's Guild, LCAC is comprised of an education centre (take a class!) and storefront where members can show and sell their work.

Banting House - 442 Adelaide Street

Visit London's only National Historic Site and what we now call the "birthplace of insulin" due to an idea Sir Frederic Banting had exactly 100 years ago.

The Palace Theatre - 710 Dundas Street

Top notch theatre in one of the most historic venues in London... it doesn't get much better than that. Check out the upcoming 2020 lineup today!

Aeolian Hall - 795 Dundas Street

World class performers in a world class hall, yes, this is exactly what your soul needs this year!

There are so many ways to keep those New Years resolutions. Maybe it's getting a new do, maybe your furry friend needs some pampering, or maybe you'd like to read more... the possibilities are endless. Bottom line is, you can make the most of this brand new decade and you can do it all right here in Old East Village!

Check out our Business Directory for all the ways you can Eat, Shop, and Play in OEV right now!

Feature photo via Facebook / @onthemoveorganics by Miriam Waliji

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