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Old fave, new name: Welcome back Asmara!

Over the past eight years, Asmara Caffee called 809 Dundas Street home. During this time, visitors and residents came to know owner Misgna Menameno, and the incredible coffee he roasts daily, very well. Upon entering, you'd be greeted with the friendliest smile, complete with your first name and an impressive rehashing of your previous order. You'd feel immediately welcomed and very much at home.

On December 24, 2019, Asmara Caffee closed its doors at 809 Dundas but for no other reason than an exciting one. As of Monday, February 10, expansion will be in the air when you receive your friendly morning "hello" from Misgna! Reopening as Asmara Coffee House at 700 York Street, it's the same great business, in a new, shiny location that's as comfortably chic as the coffee is delicious!

The best of the best. Pick some up today at 700 York Street.

When asked why he made the move, but just a few streets over from the original Asmara, Misgna told us "I love Old East Village. It's community oriented and once you become very familiar with a group of loyal customers, you don't want to go away. I invested in Old East Village, and I will continue to invest in this neighbourhood."

Although this move ushers in some change, you can still expect some tried and true favourites at Asmara. These include soups, sandwiches, and baked goods along with some of the very best in organic African premium coffee, lattes, Americanos, cappuccinos, and more. What's even more exciting is that Misgna will still be roasting beans directly on site and at 700 York... directly on the floor! The beautiful roaster is in plain sight so you can see the master at work.

Check out that roaster! Where the magic happens.

"I am so excited, I'm just so excited" Misgna told us as he opens his doors and this new chapter.

He said he'll miss the Dundas facing location very much but that the move to York Street was good one, offering new customers and new neighbour, As the resident coffee house for thirsty internet providers along with the massive staff at TD just across the street, Asmara Coffee House isn't just a change of space but a change of pace too. Nothing Misgna and the gang can't handle though.

New location, with the old charms!

"I did a good move and moving to York Street, I'm sure most of my customers will follow me here too."

There's no question of that, no question at all!

So, head down to Asmara Coffee House at 700 York Street today, now open 7am-7pm Monday - Saturday. Get yourself a delicious breakfast sandwich, a brand new "Forest City Fog," bask in the new surroundings, grab a bag of take-home beans, and appreciate just how much care and passion goes into every single thing done at Asmara Coffee House in OEV.

Check out Asmara's website or Facebook page for daily updates!

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