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OEV Facade Beautification Project moves ahead thanks to CAAP

Last week marked a positive turn in the COVID-19 related shutdowns businesses have been navigating. Thanks to funding through the City of London’s Core Area Action Plan, many boarded up storefronts are going to receive a pop of colour and creativity! The OEV BIA organized and has now implemented the OEV Facade Beautification Project, which kicked off this week. An array of local artists are creating the murals to focus on beautifying the boards and the greater neighbourhood.

Over the past two months, we’ve seen a slew of buildings board up their storefronts in order to protect against vandalism. This has been seen all over London as well as on a national and international level. Although a boarded-up storefront typically indicates business closure, in this case, we’re seeing business and property owners taking extra precautions to protect their buildings. So ultimately, it’s a positive thing intended to ensure the protection of single properties and neighbourhood character.

This week, early adopters of the OEV Facade Beautification Project, ED Hair & Tattoo (674 Dundas) and The Palace Theatre (710 Dundas), kicked things off. Facade painting has taken place when the weather has permitted, with social distancing measures in place, and we’ll likely see completed pieces by the end of this week!

The murals, created by many talented local artists were designed with the theme of community in mind and will help to add some liveliness to Dundas Street as it encounters decreased foot traffic due to the mandated business closures. Keep your eyes peeled as the previously mentioned locations are completed, and for many other storefronts to get this creative treatment in the coming weeks! Each day we’re hearing about additional restrictions being lifted but until we’re back to a fully functioning commercial corridor, a little art will go a long way.

We would like to thank all the people who helped make this project possible including, the City of London, Paramount Painting & Decoration (London) Inc, the participating businesses and property owners, and, of course, all the incredible local artists who are helping to add colour and life to OEV despite these difficult times.

Feature photo via Instagram / @atthepalace

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