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New food at Somerville 630: Homemade Kolache

The recent rebrand of the London Food Incubator into Somerville 630 has ushered in an array of new restaurants and businesses that are well worth the visit! Over the next few weeks, we’ll take a closer look at these brand new establishments who have chosen to make Old East Village their home.

In this first instalment, let’s hear more about one of the promising (and delicious!) restaurants at Somerville 630 which offers traditional Czech cuisine, Homemade Kolache.

A kolache is a pastry topped with sweet or savoury flavours that restaurant owner Michal Hrncir has been perfecting for many years. In August of this year, Michal moved his operation from Dorinda Street to Somerville 630 in an effort to expand and offer these fluffy, flavourful delights to everyone visiting OEV. Having opened on September 1, countless people have now experienced the taste of kolache, and they’ve kept coming back for more.

According to Michal “kolaches are a taste of home that I take a lot of pride in, I use a family recipe that has been passed down from my great aunt, to my mother, and now to me.”

You’ll find all local ingredients used to create these pastries and to please that sweet tooth, try flavours like apricot, blueberry, sweet cottage cheese, rhubarb, or strawberry. But if you’re in need of something on the savoury side, go for the gusto with beef, turkey, or sausage and cheese. In addition, daily creations are always available at Homemade Kolache like cinnamon buns, Frgal (16” pizza pie with your choice of fillings), and chocolate cake… all of which are out of this world! Plus, Michal confirmed that vegan options are available upon request.

In the future, Michal said you can expect to see even more menu items as well as programming involving cooking classes for kids. In essence, the impetus behind Homemade Kolache is a life’s dream in which Michal aims to “bring happiness to people and share his culture with them.”

So now that everyone is good and hungry, be sure to get on down to Somerville 630 where you can claim your kolaches from 10am-3pm every day of the week. You can order online through Uber Eats, or call 226-224-8631 to pre-order with curbside and delivery options available!

Visit in person at Somerville 630 (630 Dundas) to enjoy a welcoming atmosphere, relaxing seating area, and lovely local art. As well, take a look at Homemade Kolache’s website, Facebook, and Instagram but no matter how you do it, as Michal says, be sure to “Czech them out!” And this just in, Homemade Kolache now accepts Construction Dollars so get on down there and spend those bills!

Stay tuned for more restaurant profiles from Somerville 630 and in the meantime, visit our website, Facebook, and Instagram for all the news on what’s happening in OEV!


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