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Mesmerizing Magic at the Palace: Izzy Explores OEV

The London Magicians’ Guild brings three unique nights to the Palace Theatre this spring! I had a fantastic time at Night 1 of the OEV Palace of Wonders. Each night features a new lineup of magicians and the second show is on March 22nd. Read on for a glimpse of the kinds of mystifying moments you can look forward to.

First things first, Steve Oz warmed the crowd up and acted as the night’s master of ceremonies, guiding us through a lineup of talented magicians. His comedic charts and escape acts had the crowd laughing along.

Steve Oz's escape act happened just behind the curtain!

I had never been to a magic show before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I ended up onstage for the most stunning illusion of the night as Keith O’Brien made a table float in the air! I looked for wires and sticks and still couldn’t work out how it had been achieved. I was genuinely amazed! With characteristic Las Vegas flair, Keith went on to read minds with ease.

I took a good look but couldn't figure out the secret behind the magic!

Andrew Olmstead took the stage next with his repertoire of rope, card, and number tricks. He had the audience oohing and ahhing along, and his witty stage presence led to a lot of laughs. Almost every seat was full in the intimate theatre, and attendees were ready to participate. Procunier Hall was a perfect setting, allowing everyone to experience the magic up close and personal.

Andrew's comedic timing was perfect throughout his act!

To close the night, Leonardo Martins impressed the crowd with fantastical feats of the mind, including memorizing a deck of cards in 13 seconds. His final elaborate trick involved book pages mixed around by the audience. He used the magic of mentalism to decipher a randomly chosen word, working with the crowd as we shouted out letters. There were a few moments when I doubted it would all come together, but the crowd was left in wonder.

Leonardo Martins involved the audience to prove how he memorized a deck of cards in seconds.

I wouldn’t even know where to begin guessing how these tricks were accomplished. That, I suppose, is exactly the point! Suspend your skepticism for an evening and enjoy the show. Congratulations to the London Magicians’ Guild for assembling such a fantastic night. Check out our video of the evening here.

A well-deserved round of applause at the end of a magical evening!

I’m already looking forward to the next evening of the OEV Palace of Wonders, which will take place on March 22nd and feature a new lineup of magicians. Tickets are available now on the Palace Theatre’s website.

The Old East Village BIA is also giving away one MAGIC & WONDER FOUR PACK of tickets so you can gather up your friends for the Grand Spectacle show on April 19. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to keep an eye on all our giveaways!


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