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Mind-Reading, Magic, and More at Palace of Wonders Night 2!

After a fantastic first show in February, I couldn’t wait to see what the OEV Palace of Wonders had in store for this month! The London Magicians’ Guild assembled an all-new lineup of magicians for their second show at the Palace Theatre. Only one show remains: tickets are on sale now for the Grand Spectacle Finale on April 19!

Five magicians stand for curtain call.
Night 2 featured Ryan Joyce, Andrew Olmstead, Mark the ReMarkable, Peter Mennie, and Captain Corbin (L to R).

Last Friday night, the Palace Theatre was bustling. The Sondheim Tribute was happening on the main stage while Procunier Hall hosted a full house for the magic show. After performing last month, Andrew Olmstead returned to act as master of ceremonies. He introduced the talented lineup of magicians and popped in throughout the night to keep the show flowing. 

First up, Mark the ReMarkable’s act blended music and audience interaction to charm and entertain. The highlight of his set was when he brought an audience member onstage to complete a synchronized trick with him. Although the participant didn’t know how the magic worked, they successfully performed the trick to the audience’s delight!

Mark the ReMarkable does a card trick with audience members.

Next up, pirate magician Captain Corbin transformed the stage with an impressive array of props and a hearty helping of pirate puns. His act featured swords, treasure chests, a mind-reading skull, and more. The audience was rapt as more layers of magic came to light. Whenever I thought we had arrived at the grand reveal, a new twist would make the trick all the more astounding.

A magician dressed as a pirate talks to a woman holding a book onstage.
Captain Corbin's commitment to character was admirable and entertaining.

With performances worldwide on his resume, Ryan Joyce brought charisma to the stage. Quick fingers during his escape act had later audience members making sure to leave their wallets with a friend before going onstage. Ryan remarked that usually he travels into the audience to perform one of his illusions. In Procunier Hall, it was difficult to get closer than we already were! His puppy, Whiskey, made an adorable cameo at the end.

Two men hold ends of a white rope tying a magician's wrists.
Ryan's escape act involved several members of the audience!

To end the night, Peter Mennie took the stage in his vibrant green jacket. Having performed for over 45 years, he was a pro at engaging with the audience. Peter felt like as much of a comedian as he was a magician. We laughed ourselves nearly to tears during a chaotic final trick involving a couple from the audience.

A man in a green jacket writes on a notepad as he tries to read someone's mind.
Peter Mennie's mind-reading and card tricks were endlessly entertaining.

Night 2 of the OEV Palace of Wonders was another massive hit, blending unique styles and a well-balanced lineup for a one-of-a-kind evening. Each magician was quick on their feet and ready to respond to whatever the audience threw at them. What a fantastic night!

The final show of this magical series takes over the Palace’s main stage on Friday, April 19. The new lineup of magicians includes The Amazing Corbin, Scott The Magical Guy, Dad Magic, Mark Strange, and Byron Berry. Tickets are on sale now.

Right now on Facebook and Instagram, we’re also giving away a MAGIC & WONDER FOUR PACK of tickets so you can bring your friends. Otherwise, use code OEVMAGIC to make $5 disappear from your ticket price. See you at the next show!


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