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Satisfy your Spiritual needs at Mystic Bookshop

The Mystic Bookshop in Old East Village has been a legendary institution in London’s spiritual community for more than two decades. Jody Trevail was the shop’s former owner, and when she unfortunately passed away in 2017, Mystic’s current proprietor, Mary Beechie took over in order to keep that famous “neon sign lit.”

The infamous Mystic sign in all its glory!

As anyone who visits Mystic often knows, Mary is always eager to help you find whatever it is you might require to satiate those spiritual needs. So, when we asked her to give us a little lesson in “Magic 101” and a shop tour ahead of Halloween, Mary excitedly obliged. The array of instruments, objects, and literature available at Mystic can satisfy the most seasoned of spiritual enthusiasts while offering plenty at an introductory level, too.

Herb bundles of every kind!

One area Mary recommended starting your spiritual journey is with smoke cleansing. From Rue Bundles to protect from the evil eye, ward off hexes, and break curses, to Mugwort Bundles for cleansing negative energies, stimulating lucid dreaming, and communicating with spirits, Mary’s massive selection has everything you need. Want to learn more about smoke cleansing from Mary herself? Check out our Instagram video right here.

As we said, whatever you need, Mary has it on hand.

In addition to smoke cleansing bundles and moving further down the spiritual laneway, Mary stocks just about everything you might be looking for from a large collection of tarot decks, incense, candles, herbs, crystals, rune stones, and Ouija boards as well as a wide variety of local artworks and jewelry.

A little something for everyone!

As well (and as the establishment’s name suggests), Mystic also carries an assortment of new and used books ranging from fairy lore, astrology, horticulture, local history, and so much more. Mary even has an extensive dark and black magic library in the back of the store in which our camera stopped working when we attempted to photograph it so… make of that what you will but it’s safe to say that the forces are at work inside Mystic Bookshop!

Tarot of all kinds.

Go in and see for yourself, you may not even know yet what you’re after, but following a short conversation with Mary, you better believe you’ll find what you need! You can do some research beforehand or shop online at or check them out on Facebook and Instagram for all the latest.

Just look at all that incense!

Halloween or all year round, this store continues to be a staple in OEV and London generally. With an incredible selection, knowledgeable staff, and an atmosphere in which Winnifred Sanderson would approve, you’re in for an authentic spiritual, magical adventure at Mystic Bookshop.

Mary, in her element!

In case you were wondering, yes, Mystic accepts Construction Dollars so be sure to check them out for all your Halloween and general spiritual needs!

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