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Food and Drinks Warm Up in the Old East Village

We’ve got news from the islands. Well, actually from Old East Village but if you’re looking for the taste of the Caribbean then you need only journey to Steda Tropical Market (781 Dundas Street, near Rectory). This specialty grocery is stocking favourites from the islands as well as Africa and opening doors to new ideas and shopping experiences. Open daily, Steda shelves deliver options for some amazing home cooking. If you prefer to let someone else be the culinary lead, then make your destination Indulge Cuisine (789 Dundas Street, near Rectory). Chef and owner, Sandra Hemming, has turned up the heat in Old East Village and the results are so tasty. Try a lunch special, come for dinner or arrange for a catered event – the choice is yours. Traditional Jamaican flavours are beautifully plated and available Tuesday – Saturday. Check out their website for menus/hours. Book your next foodie vacation to Old East Village. What a wonderful way to warm up.

Sharing food and drink is, as we know, the ultimate social experience and we eat it up. Great dining feeds body and soul AND, to that end, we seek out and frequent establishments serving foodstuffs we love, accompanied by a generous helping of a warm welcome OR we fire up the kitchen and create. Either way it’s the total experience we’re looking for.

So, next time your cravings start – remember - Old East Village hits the TOP FORTY for food and, as expected, its rhythm is a bit off the charts. Fueled by the tastes and aromas of original fare, the OEV offers meal experience options made by chefs who have mastered locally sourced and organic. Practiced cooks tailor ethnic cuisine to suit either tentative tastes or experienced diners. Specialty markets and grocery shops supply the fabulousness you want in your basket and on your table.

And in case you haven’t yet heard – The Market at Western Fair District is OPEN SUNDAYS from 10 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. and of course Saturdays from 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Find farmers and entrepreneurial retailers waiting with fresh and fabulous. It’s a perfect weekend stop.

There are no cookie cutters in Old East Village (except of course in the bakery).

Here is where you can feed all your senses and Old East Village opens the door to a feast of culinary options. Diners finding their way to a number of cafés, bistros, restaurants, take-out or eat-in food stops, specialty grocery shops and a farm fresh market can pull up a chair, find a table with a view or a cozy booth in the back. They can fill their bag with all the ingredients for a yummy home cooked meal.

But wait – now I’m thirsty. Really?! You’re in luck because the best and brightest in craft brewing is mixed in perfect combination in this neighbourhood. Personal taste will dictate how you quench that thirst but choosing between available options for smooth, cool and organic beverages, both alcoholic and non, is your greatest challenge. Lip smacking goodness at every turn.

Old East Village is a ‘eat and drink’ destination. Be prepared to be amazed and very satisfied.

Click here to check out the list of fine establishments and amazing food stores and beverage makers.

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