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Taking action: Mayor's COVID-19 Impacts and Recovery Task Forces Report

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Since mid-March, more than 200 individuals, organizations, businesses, and political officials have had weekly discussions surrounding the local social and economic impacts related to the global pandemic. Formally known as two distinct (but intertwined) entities, the Mayor’s Economic Impacts and Recovery as well as the Social Impact and Recovery Task Forces, have released their first of many formal reports.

Throughout discussions, participants have spent several hours assessing a number of issues related to the current uncertain and challenging issues facing Londoners. These primary concerns have been synthesized into 32 recommendations that target immediate impacts being faced now as well as proposed actions during recovery.

The recommendations range from supporting those currently unemployed, issues affecting tenants and landlords, ensuring frontline workers have the equipment they need, minimizing layoffs and increasing the wage subsidy program, accelerating the Core Area Action Plan, the availability of security staffing to minimize negative impacts on shuttered businesses, and safely moving forward with infrastructure stimulus projects, just to name a few.

“This report is an initial report synthesizing what we have heard so far during our calls, which we are sharing with City Council, civic administration, our local Members of Provincial Parliament and Members of Parliament” as indicated in the introduction by Mayor Ed Holder and Deputy Mayor Jesse Helmer. There are more conversations to be had and more factors to be considered but the mission of these reports and the Task Forces generally are clear: to mitigate negative impacts on businesses and the community throughout London due to closures, alterations in service offerings, and efforts to stop the spread of COVID-19.

The Old East Village BIA will continue to participate in these weekly discussions to address OEV-specific issues and ensure that business, organization, and community concerns are voiced, and needs addressed.

Again, according to the Mayor and Deputy Mayor, “through our continued discussions, we will identify more ideas for action both during the shutdown and as we move into recovery.” The Task Force participation is evolving and open to new ideas and contributions. If you have an idea, question, or concern, or would like to formally participate in weekly discussions please email

You can read the full report right here, or if you would like a copy sent to you, please email us at

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