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OEV Community Connections Pt. 2: 10Eighteen Coffee Bar

Daily coffee is a daily ritual. Photo via Facebook / @10Eighteen

In this series, “OEV Community Connections” we’re taking a closer look at how businesses have shifted their service offerings to remain connected to their customers and community amid restrictions in place due to COVID-19. This time, we chatted with Katie Sullivan, the owner and operator of 10Eighteen Coffee Bar at 1018 Dundas. As a beloved location in Old East Village, when the stirrings of social distancing came into effect, Katie moved quickly to ensure her customers had access to the daily offerings they love so much.

“From the start, I had a feeling this was something that wouldn’t be over for a while” she said.

In the beginning, and as Katie echoed, it felt as though things were changing every hour, creating much uncertainty and a willingness to shift offerings as needed. At first allowing a limited number of customers into the shop at one time, Katie recognized the health and safety of staff and patrons had to come first.

She thought “how can we be a presence and still be safe for our customers and ourselves?”

In an effort to prevent any risks even further, and to ensure as little product waste as possible, they set up a take out door in the back of the establishment while pairing down menu offerings. From here, 10Eighteen started offering take out and “grab n’ go” meals for customers to prepare and enjoy at home.

“Getting your daily coffee is a ritual and if we could help give people a sense of normalcy in their daily lives, that’s what we wanted to do” Katie told us.

Delicious pour over coffees aside, she said the most popular items have been the frozen scone 6-packs, assorted baked good boxes, energy bites, and lentil shepherd's pie. In addition, they started offering charcuterie boards paired with a bottle of wine named “Porch Pick Me Ups” as it can be delivered right to your door.

“Who doesn’t love meat and cheese! And if you’re able to do a date night, it contributes to that sense of normalcy that’s good for everyone.”

Who wouldn't want this delivered to their door? Photo via Facebook / @10Eighteen

Of their customers Katie said “we’re so lucky to have a loyal and kind customer base” most of which have shown immense gratitude and thanked them profusely for their service.

“Among our daily customers, we actually have many first-responders who come in” Katie told us, and having the ability to serve them and contribute to their day has been huge.

Coffee shops are destinations and 10Eighteen is certainly that. Although, as Katie confirmed, pairing down and shifting service offerings has created a lot of emotional and mental stress, offering a sense of daily routine to their large and loyal customer base has been very important and “really, very special.”

If you’d like to see what’s available for takeout and delivery, visit 10Eighteen’s website right here!

Also, be sure to tune into a brand new online series from 10Eighteen, Coffee with Katie and Friends through Facebook! Every Sunday from May 3 to May 24, check out live music from local artists and enjoy a cup of local coffee from home.

Want to know about more OEV Community Connections? Check out Pt. 1 in the series, right here.

Feature photo via Facebook / @10Eighteen

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