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Celebrating Earth Day and Beyond in OEV

Happy Earth Day, OEV! Check out the upcoming events taking place these next couple of weeks to celebrate Earth Day in Old East Village.

Although Earth Day comes once a month, making environmentally-friendly decisions should always be top of mind. Drop by to honour Earth Day here in OEV and explore the different activities taking place!

Participate in the London Clean and Green 20-minute Makeover clean-up!

Participate in the 20 Minute Makeover

London Clean & Green is a City of London, community and business partnership campaign that has been promoting litter prevention, encouraging successful community clean-ups, and helping to organize other environmental projects in London for over 25 years.

On April 22nd, they call for businesses and organizations to dedicate 20 minutes to clean up outside their workplace. Post a photo on social media and tag #519cleangreen for a chance to win prize packages for TRY Recycling Better and Better Bin, a $100 gift card for Joe Kool’s restaurant, home composters, and more! Several local organizations plan on joining in such as the Western Fair, and

Check out the Spring Tree Giveaway at Queens Park at The Western Fair Market on April 24th!

Visit the Tree Giveaway at The Western Fair District Market

The Grove has teamed up with Reforest London for the first tree giveaway of the season, taking place here in OEV! Drop by the Queens Park behind the Market at the Western Fair on Sunday, April 24th from 11 am to 1 pm to pick up a tree!

Londoners can get up to two trees on a first-come-first-served basis. There will be a variety of highly desired native trees to choose from, and representatives will be available to help you pick the ideal tree for your yard! Although trees are free, donations are welcome and appreciated.

Come celebrate Earth Day in the park! It’s also a great opportunity to explore the Market and pick up some fresh and local produce.

Browse the vintage finds in OEV. Pictured here is Back to the Fuschia.

Shop Vintage and Thrift

Old East Village is well-known for its great thrifting and vintage options. Many vintage and second-hand businesses are not only dedicated to helping you find your next great find but spend a great deal of time repairing and refinishing items to restore them back to their former glory! By shopping second-hand, you can also divert away from fast fashion and new resources that take a toll on the environment. Check out the great selection at the thrift and vintage retailers in OEV, such as Old East Exchange, Tracy’s Treasures, Back to the Fuschia and the Sentimentalist Vintage Clothing, Silk Road, Pickin’ Through the Past, and Funky Find.

Join Mystic Bookshop’s Foraging Herb Walk

Join the upcoming Herb foraging walk on May 1st, hosted by Mary Beechie at Mystic Bookshop. On the walk, Mary will be identifying edible and medicinal wild plants, and talking about herbalism and sustainable foraging! They will also be collecting garbage and recyclables as they walk to honour the earth. Although slightly after Earth Day, it fits the spirit well. Check it out!

A bike ride is a great way to explore the neighbourhood!

Go for a Bike Ride

With the new connecting Bike Lane on Dundas and spring weather, it’s a perfect opportunity to go for a bike ride. Plan out a trip to explore Old East Village, and perhaps participate in one of the Only in OEV self-guided tours.

You can also drop by the Squeaky Wheel Bike Coop to have your bike tuned up or look at their bike options.

There’s lots taking place, so come down to Old East Village to celebrate Earth Day! To stay tuned about more upcoming events in OEV, be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

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