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Check out Park it at the Market this Summer!

Park it at the Market graphic via the Western Fair District

Located in Queen’s Park, Park it at the Market has returned as of June 16th! With amplified music and a large selection of food truck vendors, the outdoor event is now back for two nights a week on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 4:30 to 8:30 pm. With distanced picnic tables, Park it at the Market is a great outing for family and friends, a date night, or to pick up local produce this summer. “We’re all about supporting vendors in Old East Village and having the community come out together,” explains Cameron Strachan, Market Development Manager. Check out some of the highlights!

The food trucks included in the event are Graze N’ Go, Momos at the Market, My Big Fat Food Truck, New Leaf Food Truck, and SmokeStacks. Vendors include Artisan Bakery, Adventure Produce, White’s Popcorn, Ye Olde Fudge Pot, The Fritter Shop, Handmade by Laura, and more!

Grab a Bite at a Food Truck

Yam Gurung from Momos at the Market in action!

Momos at the Market

A classic market favourite, Momos at the Market specializes in authentic Nepalese cuisine. Check out the momos, which are dumplings available with chicken, veggie, or water buffalo fillings—the warm feeling while eating a momo is irreplaceable! Another option available is a selection of curry and jasmine rice. You can also find Momos at the Market at 630 Somerville during the week and at the Western Fair Market on the weekends.

Graze N’ Go

Graze N’ Go is the Western Fair food truck. Grab a Reuben Sandwich or poutine and find a number of comfort food items, then go grab a picnic table with friends!


SmokeStack’s mission is to bring the public smokey, delicious bites! With options that include a fried chicken sandwich, fish or chicken tacos, or smoked brisket, you can’t go wrong! Enjoy with some french fries, onion rings, or coleslaw on the side.

New Leaf Food Truck

New Leaf Food Truck is a great food option for those who eat vegan and vegetarian. They serve comfort food made nutritious and offer ethically sourced plant-based eats.

My Big Fat Food Truck

Are you a Mac and Cheese fan? My Big Fat Food Truck specializes in Mac and Cheese with a twist. Check out the Creamy Vegan, The Pulled Pork, or the Mac Burger!

Pick up some Local Produce

Adventure Produce

A staple at the Western Fair Market, drop by Adventure Produce to try a selection of their local produce and get some groceries done as you enjoy the night.

Grab a Sweet Treat

Artisan Bakery

Check out the selection of baked goods at the local favorite Artisan bakery, including their freshly baked bread!

Nightingale Pie Co.

If you’re looking for a sweet treat, check out the pies at Nightingale Pie Co. with flavours such as cherry, strawberry rhubarb, and more.

Visit the Bake Vibes Ice Cream stand and be greeted with a smile (and delicious ice cream!)

Bake Vibes

Drop by Bake Vibes for delicious small-batch ice cream made from scratch. The Mocha Madness option is a rich ice cream perfect for coffee and chocolate lovers with a sweet tooth!

The Fritter Shop Stand

The Fritter Shop

The Fritter Shop has delectable donuts that come in a variety of flavours such as raspberry, cherry, cheesecake, and brownie! Powdered and fried to perfection, these fritters are sure to hit your sweet spot.

Ye Olde Fudge Pot

Try the local gem, Ye Olde Fudge Pot, for a selection of fun flavours such as oreo, birthday cake, and chocolate peanut butter.

Keep an eye out on the Western Fair social media for the list of rotating weekly vendors. Make sure to drop by Park it at the Market this summer to grab a bite, some local produce, or a sweet treat, and see all there is to offer!

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Snappy Turtle
Snappy Turtle
30 июн. 2021 г.

Those Fritters are to die for. London's food trucks are next level <3

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