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Earth-Friendly Options in OEV and Construction Dollars Launch

In celebration of Earth Day, we wanted to share some ways to stay environmentally friendly here in Old East Village. By making earth-friendly choices, you can help make an environmental impact in our community. From local produce to community gardens and businesses providing more sustainable options, there are quite a few options for staying green in OEV and some exciting sustainability initiatives.

Construction Dollars 2021 have launched!

To encourage walking and cycling, the streetscape elements of the Old East Village Infrastructure Project include wider sidewalks and installing a separated eastbound cycle lane on the south side of Dundas and northbound lane on Ontario Street, which will connect to a new westbound Queens Avenue cycle lane, as part of the City’s East-West Bikeway. One hundred trees and planters will also be added, which will improve the aesthetics of the area while providing shade and promoting environmental sustainability.

Additionally, our Construction Dollars program has recently launched! Construction Dollars are coupons that can be exchanged for goods and services, essentially, $1 in construction dollars equals $1 Canadian. The program is designed to help support the local businesses in Old East Village that are impacted by the infrastructure construction. It’s important to help support small businesses during this time of construction and COVID-19. Make sure to check it out and spend those construction dollars at businesses in OEV once it is safe to do so.

Read on for some eco-friendly tips and suggestions!

Bring your own mug or thermos on your coffee run

10 Eighteen Keep Cups

Sustainably manufactured since 2009, the KeepCup is an on-the-go vessel to enjoy the craft and sensory pleasure of specialty coffee. You can find them at 10Eighteen coffee bar.

London Clay Art Centre

London Clay Art Centre Store

Find a wide array of beautiful artisan mugs at the London Clay Art Centre. By purchasing a mug or bowl you can choose an earth-friendly option by avoiding take-out cups and containers and support a local artist—A win-win situation!

Consider earth-friendly tea options

While using loose-leaf tea, look for environmentally friendly options such as using a teapot or tea steeper and compost used tea leaves. You can find many tea options at Wisdom Café, Teashop and Japanese Creperie!

Wisdom Cafe, Teashop and Japanese Creperie

Bella's Acacia Catering

Consider vegetarian options

By choosing to eat vegan or vegetarian or simply eating less meat you can minimize your environmental footprint since the meat industry uses up a lot of energy and water and can create harmful methane gases.

Enjoy vegetarian options in OEV, such as Bella’s Acacia Catering, a restaurant and catering company specializing in vegetarian Korean food. Check out Bella’s menu that includes vegan and vegetarian options such as Drunken Noodles, which contains fried noodles with fresh stir sweet peppers, carrots, long beans, onions, green onions, garlic, and Thai pepper.

Momos at the Market’s A Friendlier Container

In addition to also offering vegetarian and vegan options, Momos at the Market has begun offering A Friendlier Container for all your takeout orders.

Here's how to participate:

Order food to go, request a container and the cost of the container will be added to your meal and enjoy it where and whenever you choose! When finished the container, scan it using A Friendlier Company mobile app to claim your deposit. You can return your container to any participating location. Once returned, your deposit will be added to your balance and you can request e-transfer at any time.

By choosing to reuse, you are extending the life of plastics. This means less waste in our environment (communities, landfill), fewer emissions in our air, and less plastic in our oceans. Check it out!

The Sentimentalist Vintage Clothing

Shop Vintage and Thrift

If you’ve been to Old East Village, you may notice that we have a wide variety of vintage options. The good news is by shopping vintage and second-hand, you can give a new life to items that were loved once before. By thrifting, you can also help divert away from fast fashion, which is not environmentally friendly and uses up a large amount of water and resources. There are many vintage shops in Old East Village such as Old East Exchange, Tracy’s Treasures, Back to the Fuschia and the Sentimentalist Vintage Clothing, Silk Road, and Funky Find to explore. Additionally, check out the independent used book store Bread and Roses Books.

The Community Food Box Project by LIFE*SPIN and On the Move Organics

Buy Local Produce

Choosing to buy local produce is a great way to make an environmental impact. On the Move Organics focuses on bringing fresh produce from farm to table. Their mission is to deliver sustainable food rooted in community, with tenets of food sustainability and food sovereignty and cooperation at its roots. They offer programs such as a Composting Program and the Community Food Box Project, a collaboration with LIFE*SPIN to deliver free boxes of healthy fruits and vegetables to those in need. Part of the ownership of On the Move Organics also runs the London Brewing Cooperative which is a community-focused brewery and one of two independent craft breweries certified in brewing organic beer in Ontario.

The Market at the Western Fair District

Browsing the Market at the Western Fair District on the weekend and supporting vendors that offer local produce is also a great place to start. Supporting local produce helps ensure your food is nutrient-rich, more environmentally friendly, produces less waste, and also supports the local food economy here in London.

When you explore the Western Fair Market make sure to bring your reusable bags to avoid relying on plastic bags!

Fresh produce from On the Move Organics

Start a garden

Starting a garden is a great way to eat locally since you can grow what you need at home!

LIFE*SPIN offers community programming with a sustainable focus and is a great place to look for inspiration when it comes to growing gardens. Since 1994, they have offered a free day-camp program called Pocket-Sized Farms to teach young children about organic food production, environmental protection, and building community. Through the program, they strive to create an environment that promotes healthy eating, teamwork, and an active lifestyle.

Additionally, through their Ploughshare Program, LIFE*SPIN supported low-income families with children by providing home-based start-up food garden kits.

Did you know? LIFE*SPIN also has a community garden that produces fresh produce. If you want to start a garden but you’re not sure where to start, they have some tips on their website to get you started.

Grab your bike to explore OEV in the warmer weather!

Get Biking

With the warm weather on the horizon, it couldn’t be a better time to bring out the bike! Make sure to check out the new bike lanes from Phase 1 of the Dundas Infrastructure Renewal Project to explore all the sites in OEV this spring and summer. Drop by the Squeaky Wheel Bike Coop to have your bike tuned up or look at all the bike options they offer.


We hope that you enjoyed our suggestions for staying green and thinking environmentally friendly in Old East Village!

There will be a series of promotions and giveaways on our social media and through local participating OEV businesses to help distribute the Construction Dollars! Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for upcoming promotions and giveaways. Make sure to check out these local OEV businesses and initiatives and support them through the Construction Dollars program.

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