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Explore the spookier side of OEV this Halloween...

With Halloween fast approaching, we wanted to highlight some spooky happenings that have taken place right here in OEV as part of our “OOOOO...OEV series!”

OEV has several historical buildings, which makes for some great spooky stories. First, let’s start with the Banting House. Grant Maltman, the curator of the museum, was able to share some stories with us surrounding Sir Frederick Banting. At 2 am on October 31, 1920, the most sugary day of the year, Sir Frederick Banting conjured up the thought of insulin right here in London, Ontario, ultimately changing the course of diabetes from that day forward.

Banting's home, now a musuem and National Historic Site at 442 Adelaide Street.

Sir Frederick Banting was a struggling physician who took a job at Western University’s Medical School. When asked to prepare a lecture on diabetes, a topic he knew little about, he visited the medical school and accessed a surgical journal article to do some research. That night, on October 31st, he arose from his sleep and thought of the key -- insulin.

Banting's 1940 letter provides an account of having the thought that led to the discovery of insulin on October 31, 1920.

And so, tomorrow marks the 100 year anniversary of the origin of insulin; spooky right? Well, it doesn’t end there. Fast forward to today and some visitors have said to experience an aura in Banting’s bedroom, says Grant. Many have noted a feeling of warmth, as this is where a truly life-saving treatment began. Have you had a similar experience?

The iconic Flame of Hope that was lit in 1989 and will continue burning until a cure for diabetes is found.

Next, we can’t forget about OEV’s very own, Aeolian Hall. Have you ever experienced anything supernatural or unexplainable here at our historic Aeolian Hall? Well, you’re not alone. Clark Bryan, the executive director of Aeolian, shared stories of unexplainable fire alarms, elevators moving on their own, sonic disruptions, and even visits from mysterious entities.

London's historic Aeolian Hall, the home of world class music in OEV... and maybe a few spirits!

In fact, did you know that Aeolian Hall is going to be featured in a television series, Paranormal Night Shift, which premieres Oct. 17 at 9 p.m. on T+E, as part of the channel’s Creep Week TV event?? It’s true! Creep Week starts Saturday and continues until Oct. 18, although the Aeolian Hall episode, the final instalment in the series, won’t be aired until January 9th.

The series will feature Bryan’s stories and many others. So, if you love the paranormal or want to learn more about the mysterious happenings that take place at Aeolian Hall, be sure to check it out and read more here.

That’s all for this year’s spooky happenings in OEV! We hope you have a safe and happy Halloween! 🕸🕷👻


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