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New food at Somerville 630: Immanuel's Kitchen

Since August of 2020, Somerville 630 has been expanding its roster of deliciously eclectic restaurants, businesses, art, and events. Among the mainstays Fire Roasted Coffee, Momos at the Market, and Willie’s Cafe, we’ve taken a closer look at the new eateries Homemade Kolache and Bella’s Acacia Catering… and we’re not done yet! Let’s delve deeper into another one of the fine, new establishments, Immanuel’s Kitchen!

Having opened in October of this year, owner Ester Garcia has added a slew of authentic, fresh, and delectable menu options to London’s Mexican cuisine scene. With traditional dishes as well as vegetarian, low carb, and keto options, there’s something for everyone at Immanuel’s!

“I was running this business for five years Downtown at 100 Dundas” Ester told us and when Immanuel’s made the move to 630 Dundas, “we started to offer more keto options” she said.

All of the tortillas are made in house and are available in flour, corn, or keto varieties. Some of the other tasty menu options include empanadas, tacos, taquitos, tostadas, burritos, chimichangas, and pupusas and you have the choice of chicken, pork, beef, or veggie (cheese). As well, Ester cooks up various breakfast dishes including egg bites, breakfast sandwiches, and breakfast tacos, burritos, and bowls.

In the past and in addition to wonderful food options, Immanuel’s Kitchen has had a social focus in working with people with disabilities and their partners have included Hutton House as well as Fanshawe College. Ester told us that this aspect of her establishment hasn’t begun yet at her new location but is something on the docket in the future.

Of her space in Somerville 630, Ester said “I absolutely love it” and that she has the opportunity here to continue her work of feeding those in need with food from Immanuel’s at the end of each day. “I walk and go to them, and I’ve been doing this for five years.”

As well, Immanuel’s Kitchen employs women of various backgrounds who create dishes that are truly authentic. The multicultural aspect is very important to her business Ester told us and she’s currently working with people from Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Mexico, and India. With so much experience and knowledge of various cultures, be sure to check out Immanuel’s menu offerings often because there’s always something new, flavourful, and exciting popping up!

Ester said that the burritos and especially the pupusas have become the crowd favourites, and we must say, after trying these, they come highly recommended!

So, with the positive and generous intentions at Immanuel’s Kitchen, as well as the delicious food items available, you really cannot go wrong with a visit to this new local restaurant or check them out online for takeout options and delivery through Uber Eats! This season, be sure to make your way down to Somerville 630 to experience local art, coffee, a variety or restaurants, and in this case, of course, Immanuel’s Kitchen. And in case you were wondering, yes, she accepts Construction Dollars!

Stay tuned to the DIGOEV Facebook, Instagram and blog for more neighbourhood info and to hear about yet another new restaurant opening in Somerville 630 this Thursday!


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