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Only in OEV - One-of-a-Kind Experiences in London, ON

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Those who know and love the Old East Village neighbourhood in London, ON, can be certain that the area boasts some of the most unique and inviting independent businesses and engaging experiences this city has to offer. From restaurants, to retail shops, to cultural spaces, public art and so much more, OEV continues to be the one-stop-shop main street true to the days of yore.

Some of the little delights to be enjoyed from Bella's Acacia Catering.

However, if you’re unfamiliar with the turf, new to the city, or coming for a regional holiday, we’ve got just the ticket to guide you through this treasure trove of experiences, ones found Only In OEV! Read on and find out all about three self-guided tours - to be enjoyed at your own leisure and pace - offering up just some of the many ways to eat, drink, shop, and play in this historic Forest City space.

Follow the OEV Dumpling Trail

Yes, you read that correctly, it’s an entire trail of the beloved morsel we call a dumpling! In its simplest sense, a dumpling is considered to be a small ball of dough, filled with sweet or savoury ingredients that’s typically steamed, boiled, or fried. That being said, it’s reasonable to say that most cultures have an individual take on a dumpling, many of which we may not even realize can be classified as such!

Momos, anyone? Momos at the Market is always a great idea!

So, make your way down Dundas Street for the tastiest tour in town… the OEV Dumpling Trail! Treat yourself to a momo, the dumplings of Nepal, enjoy the Polish dumplings you know and love, pierogies, and indulge in the festival dumplings of the Caribbean. From Mexico, to Korea, to Italy and more, feast your way around the world, right here in OEV.

Click right here to access the interactive map and information on all the tasty stops to experience today!

Enjoy the OEV Libation District

If it’s satisfying drinks you seek, you’ve come to the right place, and that place is the OEV Libation District! Whether you’re painting the town or looking for your morning coffee, rest assured, you’ll find the best of the best in this Core Area neighbourhood. .

Holiday cocktails, all around!

Old East Village boasts many wonderful cafes, bars, and beverage options but this tour focuses specifically on those which produce their offerings on site. Find yourself immersed in the artisanal world of spirits, beer, coffee, and craft sodas when meandering through this tour. Be satiated and entertained at local breweries, experience the only Eritrean coffee roaster in town, get to know the fine art of spirits making through tours and tastings at London’s only two public distilleries. All this and so much more can be found Only in OEV!

Desert pizza and drinks at Union Ten? Yes!

Click right here for the interactive map and begin your travels!

Take the OEV Culture Cruise

For the cultural connoisseurs and amateurs alike, the OEV Culture Cruise for you! Culture - the expansive term it is - does not have to be formal to be experienced and can be enjoyed in so many ways, with ease. Whether you’re looking for creative spaces, art to experience outdoors or in, or a little heritage to appreciate the past in present, this tour has you covered.

Learn the stories behind the LCAC's incredible mosaics.

Weave your way through the streets of OEV to see several murals by local artists, public art by a Canadian legend, London’s only National Historic Site, an ever-growing collection of awe-inspiring clay tile mosaics, and so much more. Find yourself lost in the creativity, innovation, and heritage that defines this neighbourhood.

Don't miss the wonderful works of Bill Lishman at Queens Park!

Click right here for the interactive map and start your cruise today!

There you have it! Just three of the many avenues into exploring this one-of-a-kind neighbourhood. Where will you start first? Tell us in the comments below or share your #OnlyInOEV experiences on social media using the hashtags #DIGOEV, #OEVDumplingTrail, #OEVCultureCruise, and #OEVLibationDistrict! Happy travels :)

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