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Meet the Mural Artist: Alayna Hryclik

Alayna Hryclik is "happy ur here."

Alayna Hryclik paints leaves on the piece of the mural that faces Dundas Street.

The next participant in the OEV BIA mural program’s second phase is London artist, Alayna Hryclik. She worked on a four-panel piece at 687 Dundas, just at the corner of Dundas and Lyle Streets.

Alayna’s current studio, Rezonance Printing, is in Old East Village, and for three-and-a-half years, she ran a booth in the Western Fair Market. In fact, she credits that original space as the source of much of her connection to OEV. Alayna currently owns and operates a home décor and lifestyle brand called Soft Flirt.

Alayna is known for bright, happy designs filled with everyday items that make people smile. With hearts, flowers and fresh fruit, her pink murals in Old East Village are no exception! The vibrant colours Alayna used in the mural were a way to challenge herself to use more colour and to try something new.

Alayna's mural panels feature plants, fruits, flowers, clouds and hearts.

“Some of it came a bit more organically while I was on site as I added things in the moment that I thought people would like to see,” Alayna said.

Alongside the cute drawings, there are also messages of joy and positivity throughout the piece.

I’m happy ur here, written in looping cursive serves is the cornerstone of the piece so everyone heading along Dundas Street will know. Alayna thinks of it as a title for the whole piece, since that message is so central.

“You never know who is going to like your mural. Maybe someone walks that path going to and from work and it’s a bright spot on their commute every single day,” Alayna said.

A view of multiple panels from Alayna's complete mural. It can be seen from Dundas and Lyle Streets.

Even during its creation, Alayna’s mural was a constant source of joy for everyone who saw it. Since public art is such an approachable medium, Alayna said she had no shortage of positive comments to lift her spirits.

“The people who were doing the construction in that corner nearby were hyping me up every day and were super nice about it,” she said.

Make sure to view Alayna's complete mural at 687 Dundas while you're exploring Old East Village!

You can view more of Alayna’s work on her website and social media, @softflirt.

Make sure to visit the mural while exploring the art of Old East Village on the latest self-guided Culture Cruise Tour as part of "Only in OEV."

For more on the Façade Beautification Program and to see the murals from Phase One, check out the OEV Mural Project page on our website.

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