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More Than a Main Street - The Mystic Bookshop

Pictured here is Mary Beechie, the owner of The Mystic Bookshop.

The ‘More than a Main Street’ series spotlights the people behind the businesses in Old East Village that make it a vibrant community. Featured today is Mary Beechie, the owner of The Mystic Bookshop located at 612 Dundas Street.

The Mystic Bookshop sells new and used books on witchcraft, herbs and all things occult. The shop also carries gemstones, runestones, candles, incense and many other mystical accessories. Visitors to The Mystic Bookshop can even get a tarot reading, led by the shop’s resident tarot reader, Ape, or purchase a deck of their own. So, if you are looking to add a little extra magic to your life, stop by Mystic Bookshop and have a look around.

Did you know? The Mystic Bookshop also has a podcast called 'Through the Mystic Window.'

How long have you been in business? How long has Mystic Bookshop been in OEV?

We’ve been in business for three years. This store has been here 30 years, I’m just the most recent owner. Mystic Bookshop has been at this location or 2 doors over. I remember it from when I was in high school. I even worked here briefly. It’s a real survivor.

What makes your business unique?

Mystic Bookshop is a one-of-a-kind place. It’s the most eclectic mix of old and new books having to do with witchcraft, jewelry, gems, incense, candles—all your mystical needs. I’ve recently expanded into hard-to-get magic herbs. You couldn’t get them in London, the closest place might have been Toronto until now.

A collection of books, art and herbs for sale at The Mystic Bookshop

What drew you to the neighbourhood?

I have lived in Old East Village for 10 years. I love it. No other neighbourhood has this eclectic charm. It’s all independent businesses—no chains—and it’s got a funky vibe.

An assortment of skulls and cauldrons available at The Mystic Bookshop.

What is your favourite part about Old East Village?

I love the people in Old East Village. Living here, I feel like I’ve come home to my people. It’s the kind of place where you can have a cabbage in your front lawn and no one bats an eye.

Can you tell me a fun fact about yourself?

My pandemic project was creating a Celtic-style roundhouse—a house made from mud and bottles—in my backyard.

Pictured here is Ape, The Mystic Bookshop’s resident Tarot Card Reader.

What are some popular items?

Tarot decks are popular, gemstones are also very popular and, of course, classic reference books on witchcraft.

Check out more updates from The Mystic Bookshop on Facebook and Instagram. The Mystic Bookshop also accepts Construction Dollars as part of the Core Area Construction Dollar Program.

Keep an eye out for the next business in the More than a Main Street series!


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