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New Food at Somerville 630: Arepa Ink.

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

The gang's all here! Photo by Yoda / @YonasKitchen

Note: Arepa Ink has since relocated to 547 Hamilton Road inside the Neighbourhood Laundromat Cafe.

Over the past few months, we’ve seen a complete transformation at Somerville 630 (630 Dundas) with increased food, drink, art, and event offerings. So far, we’ve introduced readers to Homemade Kolache, Bella’s Acacia Catering, and Immanuel’s Kitchen. But, you guessed it, they’re not done yet! Having just opened last Friday, there’s yet another new restaurant and, yep, you cannot get this cuisine anywhere else in town! Read on and find out what Arepa Ink. is all about and why you need to try it, stat!

This restaurant, offering Venezuela’s most iconic food, the arepa, is the first of its kind in London. According to owners Carla Calderon and Maria Avilan, this dish is a gluten-free, vegan, traditional staple made from pre-cooked cornmeal. As is stated on their website, “arepas are to Venezuelans, as bagels are to Canadians.”

The Camilla... she's beautiful. Photo by Jasón Mullin / @edibleadventuretravel

These items are often eaten for breakfast or lunch with further added flavour in the form of butter, cheese, nuts, and veggies. In addition to the incredible toppings available, here the arepas are “ink-jected” with beets, squash, and spinach for added nutrition, colour, and of course, flavour (hence the “Ink” in the restaurant’s name meant to mimic “Inc.” as in incorporated).

It was a mere three months ago the idea for Arepa Ink. was born Maria told us and they already have plans for expansion. To kick things off, situating themselves at Somerville 630 at Yaya’s kitchen on Thursdays and Fridays each week was a great way to get the ball rolling. Keep your eyes peeled for developments and growth from these ladies in the near future as they explore the storefront options in Old East Village.

Having worked previously with Just Eat and Skip the Dishes, the area was very familiar, Carla said, and they are looking forward to growing their business and seeking out locations available for a “fast and casual” restaurant, currently focused on takeout and delivery.

Pure glory alongside the signature salsitas! Photo by Yoda / @YodasKitchen

Since these ambitious ladies have only been open for three days, it was tough to remark on “customer favourites” so far but they said after a weekend of orders as well as a pop-up at Covent Garden Market, they were completely sold out of “The Camilla” (arepa filled with their signature chicken salad, topped with avocado) and “The Luciana” (arepa filled with Carne Mechada or slow-simmered sofrito beef, topped with old cheddar).

But of course, there are veggie options too! Try out “The Sofia,” an arepa filled with Caraotas or slow-simmered sofrito black beans, avocado sliced, sweet fried plantains, topped with feta cheese). Plus, you can make any option vegan with their house-made dairy-free cheese options. Check out the full menu right here under the “Order Now” drop-down menu and get ready for some serious tummy rumbles.

Spfia is calling your name! Photo by Yoda / @YodasKitchen

Currently, you can order online for takeout or delivery through Uber Eats or stop into Somerville 630 to say “hi” to this delightful duo and get accustomed to this traditional Venezuelan food, something Maria and Carla assure, you will be seeing a lot more of!

For more on Arepa Ink. check them out on Facebook and Instagram and stay tuned to our website, Facebook, and Instagram for all the latest happenings in OEV!


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